Well, at least they are for me. Returning to work on Monday, after a (hopefully) relaxing, fun weekend, we are just figuring out what needs to be done for the week ahead. No sign of any issues so far.

When Tuesday hits, the realization of what just hit the fan emerges. Whether it's something that occured over the weekend, or that work had just become overwhelming, Tuesday is usually the day it all comes together (in a bad way) for me.

For example, recently we had a huge computer system overhaul which promises easier and better ways to make our job easier. Ever heard that line before? Yea. Well, some things that we used on an occasional or even daily basis, has disappeared, or is hiding somewhere in the new system, and I can't find it.

I keep saying to myself that new technology and change is good, but as we grow older, is it really? Our younger staff pick up on these things like it's no big deal. KInd of reminds me of my earlier days when I thought I knew it all.

There are other issues that come up, which is the norm in life, but for me they all seem to occur on a Tuesday. Not sure why. Here's to Wednesday, and a less stressful day.

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