Who doesn't love to look at then and now pictures of our area? I, for one love to see the new and exciting changes that occur in our community. How many times have you heard people say nothing ever changes in our area? Well, it certainly does. And it's amazing the difference in look when it's been even just a few years and you've forgotten what the area looked like back then.

I took a look on Google Maps through a cool tool they have that can offer you a glimpse of the past. The earliest pictures I've found are from 2009, so it's not a lot of years, but the changes sure have made a difference in the look of each area.

From old building being torn down and new ones in its place, to changes to the roads you drive on, progress continues to reshape the Triple Cities. These are just some of the changes we've witness in the past 12 years or less. Join me and go back a few years and look at some major changes to our areas landscape.

Southern Tier Then & Now

via Google Maps Street View

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