One of my favorite, if not thee favorite Rolling Stones album, is 'Goats Head Soup.'
When it first came out, I thought that album title was both disgusting and intriguing. Just thinking about soup of a goat's head sounded nasty, and how did they ever come up with that title?

It was on this day (September 22nd) in 1973, that album topped the album charts in the UK, where it remained for a couple of weeks. Of course, 'Goats Head Soup' also topped the US album charts that year.

Both Angie and (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo) Heartbreaker fared very well on the singles charts. Angie reached the number one spot and Heartbreaker topped out at fifteen.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick of the Week, let's look in on The Rolling Stones at Leeds in 1982, performing Angie.