I'm trying to think what was going on in my life in 1993. I do remember it was my 11th year working at The Whale, and I believe we were playing a mixture of top 40 hits and new rock. Kind of an odd mix at the time.

We were enjoying the release of the new Aerosmith album early in 1993. That album was 'Get A Grip.' Steven Tyler and the boys had just come out with their 11th studio album, and it was a huge success in terms of album sales.

Aerosmith had a couple of famous musicians lend their vocal talents to the album - Don Henley and Lenny Kravitz. Don can be heard on Amazing and Lenny on the song Line Up.

The album produced a couple of hits, including Livin' On The Edge, Cryin', Crazy and Amazing. All four songs performed very well on the US singles and rock charts. 'Get A Grip' topped the US album chart, and also performed well on the album charts in the UK, Australia, Sweden and Canada among others.

For this week's Classic Rock Pick, let's look in on Aerosmith rockin' out to Livin' On The Edge from at 1994 in Holland.



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