We all know that one person who is completely incapable of taking a bite of their food before snapping a photo of it to post to social media and who can blame them? When the plate is so pretty and the food so enticing, who wouldn't want to savor every bit of it?

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People who take photos of their every meal are called “foodies” and they basically live to eat and share photos of the delectable food on their plates. When it comes to being obsessed about something, foodies basically take the cake.

Shane Co. was curious about which states has the most foodies out of all of the states and so they asked 2153 people from all across the United States to let them know how many food pictures were hanging out in their camera roll.

Shane Co. then used the information to determine which states, generations, and regions in the United States take the most photos of their food based on their iPhone camera rolls, and believe it or not, New York isn’t the top state for foodies (our social media feeds beg to differ, don’t they?).

The states with the most food-obsessed photo takers (iPhone users, only) were Colorado with the average resident having 174 food photos on their camera roll, Florida where residents had 152 photos, and Arkansas, where residents averaged 151 foodie photos.

The least food-obsessed state is Montana where residents there only had an average of 51 food-related photos saved in their iPhone camera roll.

So, where did New York state land on the most food-obsessed list? New York ranked number six. New York iPhone users are likely to have an average of 135 food photos on their phone which is 35 percent higher than the national average.

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