WARNING: The Bachelorette spoiler ahead

Pardeep Singh is a 2013 graduate of Binghamton University, a neuroscientist, and the very first-ever Indian American contestant to receive a rose on ABC's television show, The Bachelorette.

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According to a Facebook post made by Binghamton University, Singh graduated from the University with the class of 2013, and according to Singh's The Bachelorette bio on the ABC website, he now works as a neuroscientist and lives in Brooklyn.

The world is enamored by Singh and it's easy to understand why. Singh is handsome, witty, incredibly intelligent, and he clearly has a heart for others as he "studies the brain to find cures for diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's." It's easy to see how Singh has managed to worm his way into the hearts of Bachelor Nation.

Pardeep Singh Hosts His Own Podcast

Singh is deeply interested in both science and inclusion and this interest led to him creating Deep Thoughts, a podcast which he describes as a "place where we discuss how our multiple identities inform our experiences as Americans." Singh says more importantly though, his podcast explores "how our individual experiences can help build a brighter future for everyone." Deep Thoughts is now in its second season.

Pardeep Singh Is a Self Proclaimed Nerd

While he spends his days in a lab researching cures, Singh's bio on ABC plays up his goofy side. Singh is a self-proclaimed nerd who likes to play video games, attending Comic-Con and reading.

What Pardeep Singh Is Looking For In a Partner

Although Singh's ABC bio plays up his nerdy side, Singh is serious about wanting to find a partner who cares as much as he does about people and who truly cares about "making the world a better place just as much as he does.” Singh is also looking for someone who is affectionate and family-oriented.

Pardeep Singh Knows Poverty First Hand

In a post on Instagram, Singh explains that many have labeled him "privileged" because he has finished graduate school and has an impressive job but in reality, he had to fight for what he has accomplished, overcoming extreme poverty, helping to support his single mother, and dealing with bullying.

Visting the United Nations Stirred Something Deep Inside Pardeep Singh

After visiting the United Nations in 2019 for the Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, Singh explained that he believes many of the needs of impoverished countries could be solved if not for the fact that there is "inadequate access to preventative healthcare, underfunded STEM education, and importantly, lack of access to critical life sciences data."  Singh expressed concern that scientists need to "do a better job listening to the humanitarian needs of our community and ensuring our hard work reaches the right people in an up-to-date and proactive manner.

Pardeep Singh Was the First Indian-American to Recieve a Rose on The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette season 18 premiered on Monday, October 18, and history was made when Singh became the first Indian-American on The Bachelorette to receive a rose. Other Indian-American contestants have appeared on the show but none have received a rose. Unfortunately, Singh was cut from the show on the October 27 episode.

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