A few weeks ago I blogged about driving on Route 17 heading westbound and the headaches that you incur while driving that road around the mall exit. Another section of Route 17 that I drive just about every day, is further west on 17 approaching the Endicott exit, Exit 67. It never fails, we'll be traveling at 65 miles an hour and within a mile and a half of that exit, all the vehicles start to slow down. When you cross the Susquehanna River you have to exit to the right to get to Rt. 26, Endicott. The problem is the exit ramp for Endicott is also the entrance ramp to Rt. 17 for people coming from Old Vestal Road. It seems there is always a vehicle in the right-hand Lane that slows down to about 50 miles an hour and never exits the highway. So while I'm trying to get to that exit and get over to the right to get off of Route 17, and you have cars trying to get on 17 from Old Vestal Road who have to yield to the cars already on17, traffic starts to back up in both lanes during daytime at that exit, do to people dropping below the speed limit of 65. If people would just maintain the speed limit going through that stretch, it would make traffic on 17 flow so much smoother.

If for some reason I'm not taking that exit, and I'm going through that stretch, I will try and get in the left-hand lane to avoid the cars that are using the on and off ramp. Again, if people would just drive the speed limit, it would keep my road rage from rearing its ugly head.

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