This morning Tom the Electrician came in to visit with me on the Whale morning show called Freezone in the Morning. When we did the morning show together for 15 years, we called it Freezone in the Morning. Actually, my show has been called The Freezone since 1992, and depending on what time of day I was on, we would just add that to it.

Anyway, since I started working at The Whale, Tommy said that he would like to come in and sit in on the morning show. We tried to set it up as early as the second week I was here. It finally worked out this morning that Tommy was able to come in. We had a lot of fun reminiscing about some of the things that went on back in the day. Some of those things included the stripper lighting my crotch on fire, us getting yelled at by the woman over at the Visions Federal Credit Union for holding the door for her, and the time we got thrown out of Carnegie Deli in New York City, which happened the night we saw Sammy Hagar at the Hard Rock. There is a video attached below of that part of the morning show today and that video also features the top five which we came up with for today. We used to do a Top 5 every day. Today it was the top 5 reasons Tom the Electrician showed up for work today.

So if you heard it and you want to hear it again, you can actually see the video of us doing it, and if you missed it, here's your chance to not only hear it but to see it. I'm already looking forward to the next time Tom the Electrician comes in again.

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