Some of you may have recognized the voice but for those of you who didn't, that is Tom the Electrician hanging out with me this morning. Tommy and I were partners on the radio for 15 years. Then, four years ago they pulled the plug on us. We were really good friends before we started doing the morning show together and became pretty much best friends after sharing a studio for four hours a day. Since I started working at the Whale on March 1st, I've had a lot of people ask if I've heard from Tommy lately? Truth is, I talked to him at least once a week on average. Sometimes a lot more. we hang out together from time to time and sometimes we all go to trivia together. Actually, I've been having people ask me that same question since we stopped doing the show together four years ago. We are still great friends and probably will be for life regardless of whether or not we are doing radio together.

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