Good thing for my friends on social media alerting me to the important things in life, otherwise I would have had no idea that not only is today the Presidential Inauguration Day, it's National Disc Jockey Day.

Well, the tern 'Disc Jockey' is a bit outdated. I can't remember the last time I spun a disc on the radio or as a mobile dj, and to be honest, I don't ever care to again. It was fun while it lasted. See what computers have done to us? We are spoiled. It's so much easier to get a song on the radio or for the next dance quickly.

Although I still have what we in the industry call 'DJ nightmares.' I'm in the studio and I can't find the record that needs to be played next and the song currently on the air is quickly ending. Or I'm at a mobile DJ event and I can't find a good record to follow up with, to keep people on the dance floor. Don't like that.

It's hard to believe that my career in radio has gone by so quickly. I still remember the first day I walked into a radio station several years ago...okay a few decades ago, to be a part of a class to learn what radio is all about. I was hooked from day one, and never looked back.

I guess the best part of being in radio is meeting listeners and becoming close friends with many co-workers over the years. I spend more time with each day with my co-workers than my own family. So to my co-workers in radio past and present, happy National Disc Jockey Day. Now get back to spinning those records.

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