It's been awhile since I've had a weekend as busy as this last weekend, and this one had some  ups, downs, and general weirdness.

Except for the occasional Whale event or doing a few mobile DJ gigs, since May 1st my weekends have mostly been at camp enjoying what turned out to be a great summer.Those six months sure did pass by fast.

Last weekend I was the DJ for a middle school dance on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, and on Sunday I traveled down to the campground in Pennsylvania to winterize my camper.

The middle school dance was fun as it always is. In between dancing, we play some games with prizes and bring hula-hoops and glow sticks for the kids to add to the fun. They get a kick out of it. At the end of the dance, I let the kids keep the hula-hoops.

After the kids had left last Friday's dance, I noticed there were about five hula hoops left behind. They were all damaged. A tangled mess. Apparently some kids thought they were meant to be beaten to an unrecognizable form. None were any longer in the round shape they were meant to be. One had been pulled apart, and whatever stuff was inside must have spilled out on the gym floor.

Another hula hoop had the decoration that was wrapped around the tube, completely torn off. I'm trying to imagine what possesses a middle school kid to beat the hell out of a round plastic tube. Luckily, they only cost me a dollar each, so no big loss.

The Saturday wedding went well. Lot's of fun and dancing, but Sunday was the day I dread every year. It was the day I winterized my camper and said goodbye to the camping season for the next six months.

Even though I won't be back until May, I noticed the field mice have already been attempting to take up residence for the winter. A lot of painters tape, steel wool and moth balls will hopefully deter those little monsters from gnawing on stuff and pooping all over my camper.

So, how was your weekend?

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