After work yesterday, I was excited to hurry up and get home, pick up Chris, and drive 45 minutes to finally meet and pick up my new four-legged son.

I found out on Christmas Eve that we were getting a golden retriever puppy that we named Hagar. but we had to wait until he was 8 weeks old to bring him home. So yesterday we picked him up and brought him back to our house.

He had a bunch of toys waiting for him when he walked in the door and started playing with them pretty much immediately. We laid on the floor with him and played with him, and he even met our neighbors yellow lab Gertie, and the two of them played outside for a little while.

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When we brought him back in he just laid on the couch pretty much for the rest of the night. We put him in his crate and we went up to bed thinking that we might not get much sleep with dog downstairs by himself whimpering and barking. Hagar whimpered and bark for about 5 or 7 minutes
and that was all we heard all night.

When I was leaving for work this morning, I noticed his crate was both poop and pee free which made me happy. He's pretty smart for 8 weeks old knowing that he's supposed to go outside to poop.

I'm really looking forward to him getting over the chewing on things phase of his life so we won't need to create him, but I enjoy playing with him as small as he is too.

Just like any proud papa, I took a lot of pictures yesterday,  here's just some of them.

Hagar Gotcha Day 1 6 2020

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