This was one of my Strange But True stories this morning during Freezone in the Morning here at 99. 1 The Whale.

As is the case with probably 90% of the Strange But True stories, this one came out of Florida where a 35 year old man was finally arrested for stealing pool floats.

According to the Daily News, Christopher Monnin  was arrested for stealing 13 pool floats in Palm Bay. Cops have been receiving reports of people breaking into peoples pools and stealing their flotation devices for the last seven months.

Cops finally got a break in the case when they stopped a man on a bicycle with a clear plastic bag that contained deflated pool rafts. According to the report, Monnin told police that he uses them for self sexual gratification instead of raping women.

When police searched his home, they found nearly 75 different pool floats ranging in sizes and designs. I read a report this morning that said some of the flotation devices included rafts that look like bacon, watermelon, and even full size floating chairs.

See his mugshot here.

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Thank you, Florida, for giving me stuff to talk about every day.

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