This morning I found this story from Australia and used it for Strange But True.

According to News 9 in Australia, There is a man, who to say is unmistakably recognizable would be an understatement, that is accused of going in an adult store and stealing almost $500 worth of merchandise.

I tried my best to describe over the air what this man looks, like but I don't think I did him justice.

He has his head shaved all the way back over his ears. And the hair he has left, is a mullet. He has tattoos all over the top of his head, his face, and his neck, that will easily give him away if somebody spots him.

I don't understand why this guy would try and rob any place without the use of a ski mask. Maybe he really is just that stupid.

And judging by the man's looks, I think I understand why he needed to steal the toys. Looking the way he does, I think that's all the action he's going to get.

See his picture here.

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