I had a Strange But True story this morning that made me smile. Even though the man that was attacked did suffer injuries, the would-be robber got what was coming to him.

According to KMOV, a 68-year-old Palm Beach resident named Steve Shepherd was walking to his car last week. Actually, he was hobbling to his car after he sustained a pulled muscle.

So a mugger must have thought he would be an easy target and he tried to rob him. He was wrong. (Keep scrolling for more)

When the unidentified attacker in his twenties approached Shepherd he struck him in the head with a bottle and demanded his cell phone. The would-be robber never could have imagined what was about to happen to him.

It turns out that Steve Shepherd is a 5-time world kickboxing champion and has been in training for another fight. Even though he retired 18 years ago, he has a fight scheduled in March so he's been training hard to get back into shape.

Shepherd punched the attacker in the head and then punched him in the ribs which caused the attacker to drop to his knees. The unidentified assailant got up and ran away without the phone.

Shepard suffered some injuries in the attack. He ended up with a ruptured eardrum, a cut, and a bruise according to KMOV.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is still looking for the attacker. I hope they find him and they let Shepard use him as a sparring partner.

[via KMOV]

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