Sometimes alcohol causes you to do stupid things, and this is pretty much as dumb as it gets.

According to WOWK, two men were arrested in Benton County Arkansas after they took turns shooting each other while wearing a bulletproof vest. Christopher Hicks, 36, and Charles Eugene Ferris, 50, were arrested on April 1st in connection with the shootings.

According to WOWK, deputies were called to the hospital to investigate a male who had been shot multiple times while wearing a bulletproof vest. Ferris lied and said that someone next to a tree began shooting at him. He later changed his story and said he did not want to get Hicks in trouble.

The story went on to say that they had been drinking on Ferris' back porch when they decided to see if the bulletproof vest was really bulletproof.

According to the news report, Hicks shot Ferris in the upper left corner of the vest with a 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle. The vest did its job and stopped the bullets, but they left red marks.

Hicks proceeded to put on the bulletproof vest and Ferris shot him multiple times in the back. Again none of the bullets penetrated through the vest.

[via WOWK]

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