This morning, as you turn on your radio, you will hear a familiar voice on 99 1 The Whale.

Doug Mosher, who did mornings here before me, will be filling in for me during Freezone in the Morning. I took a vacation day today to volunteer on the transportation team at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open.

For the fourth year in a row I've volunteered  to be part of  the team of approximately 20 people, who spend the day being shuttled to the airport to pick up rental cars that the PGA Champions Tour players will use next week during the 2019 Dick's Sporting Goods Open.

Last year I think we made five or six trips up to the airport and then back down to En-Joie. It's really not bad at all. You get to drive brand new cars, some of them muscle cars, and a lot of them are fancy SUVs. Midway through the day, they treat us to lunch (no complaints here).

Next week during the open I will be volunteering as a walking scorer, so I won't be able to help the transportation team. The rest of the team will be spending part of this weekend, and early next week, picking players up at various airports. Some have to travel to Philadelphia, some go to New York City, and a lot of them drive to Syracuse to pick up the players, their caddies, and their families.

Volunteers then drive them back to En-Joie where they get their assigned car that we brought down from the airport.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, it's too late to help today, but, keep it in mind and volunteer next year for the 2020 Dick's Sporting Goods Open.

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