There's something about a classic car or truck. So many vehicles from years past were truly magnificent machines on four wheels. Most ended up being junked, but as you can see everywhere in the USA, restored vehicles dating back to when they first started rolling out of the assembly plants.

There are many people who love to restore a vehicle to drive and display at various car shows. Every year, you will find many car shows throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania. To get up close and personal with these vehicles, they take you back to their original days and the memories come flowing back to the 'good old days.'

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And there are always classic cars and trucks up for sale. And motorcycles as well. One of my brothers just picked up a classic Harley-Davidson with the intention of selling it. But, knowing my brother, he may have a hard time letting it go. If I knew how to ride a motorcycle, I might be tempted, but I think I'm too old now to learn to ride a motorcycle safely.

Knowing that there are plenty of classic vehicles up for sale, I decided to take a look on Facebook Marketplace locally to see what cool classic cars and trucks may be up for sale. And of course, there were plenty. All look very tempting to own, but my checkbook currently says no. Although, you may find something interesting.

Take a look below at a dozen classic vehicles that caught our eye locally on Facebook Marketplace throughout New York's Southern Tier and Northeast Pennsylvania. Who knows, your next classic ride might be one of these vehicles.

[via Facebook Marketplace]

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