There's been a lot of discussions lately about electric vehicles. To be honest, I don't know much about them, whether they are good or bad for the future or even if I will ever own a vehicle that runs partially or fully on electricity.

My vehicles all run on gasoline, as does everything else I own on four wheels, including my 1986 golf cart. While the electric ones sure are quiet, the cost of replacing those batteries can be expensive. Although maybe the cost of purchasing gasoline versus batteries that last around 6 years is about equal. I just don't know.

Anyway, back to electric cars (and trucks), one of my relatives is about to purchase an all-electric vehicle. It will be interesting to find out how well she likes it over the course of time.

The Bumper website recently did a study of the best states to own electric vehicles. New York State and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania scored high. It's basically a gauge for "which states are best positioned for the growing demand for electric cars."

The State of Maryland is listed as the best state overall for owning an electric vehicle, with New York State coming in second. That's good news for electric vehicle owners and those who are considering purchasing one in the future in New York State. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ranks 4th, just behind Massachusetts for the best state overall owning an electric vehicle.

As for electric vehicle financial incentives, according to Bumper, New York State ranks #3 behind Maryland and New Jersey. Pennsylvania comes in at #4. But in the gas versus electric study,  New York State is at #18 with a fueling cost difference of $120.47. Pennsylvania ranks #8 with a difference of $135.37. The Bumper website describes the cost difference as the difference in fueling cost to drive 1,000 miles between gas and electric vehicles.

So, since New York State and Pennsylvania seem poised to be good for electric vehicle usage, would you consider pursuing one in the future? For more details on the study, visit the Bumper website.

[via Bumper]

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