When it comes to outdoor activity winter weather can shut things down for most of us, so  how do you deal with Cabin Fever?

There are several things residents of Greater Binghamton can do to alleviate the madness of Cabin Fever.

  • Go to the movies or check out some of our indoor attractions like Roberson Museum or take the kids or grand kids to the Discovery Center.
  • Grab a warm drink and play a game like Monopoly, Uno or if you're along, a relaxing game of solitaire
  • Go to another house for a visit, at least you’re getting out of your home for a while, and into a different environment.
  • If you’re on a budget and can’t afford events with fees attached, a trip to the mall and walk through the stores.
  • Find a project you can do inside your home, like some touch up work, rearrange your closet, make something using your craft skills, or create a new food dish.
  • If you have some paperwork that needs to be done, this would be a perfect time to get it done so you won't have to do it when the weather is better.
  • Here's a novel idea why not take a nap, I like to call that a 'Dagwood Day' where you curl up on the couch with a blanket and catch up on some sleep, maybe your spouse will bring you a sandwich.
  • Collect and organize all the change you have lying all around the house, you could do the same with your DVD’s, CD’s etc.
  • Do some laundry and sort out those unwanted clothes to take to the good will.
  • Surf the net and find some new websites you can enjoy.
  • Read a good book, that always seem to pass the time.

I don’t know if any of these suggestions will help you with your cabin fever, but maybe they’ll help you get started on your own ideas.

Spring is still months away, so try to create some stimulation inside where its warm.

Check out the Countdown to Spring Clock HERE

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