We are in the middle of the usually long Winter. It's the point of the season where the holidays are long gone, the big football game and the season are finished, and we've got lots of cold, snow and ice to look forward to, for at least two more months.

Oh, there is that day in the middle of February called Valentine's Day. Bah Humbug to love. Who thought up that idea anyway? Wow, I must be getting crankier as I get older.

I believe this is what cabin fever is all about. Yes, I realize that Winter is a great time to get outside to ski, snowboard, sled down a hill, ride a snowmobile, ice fish, etc. Yea, none of that appeals to me.

At least this year has not been as bad as some Winters we've experienced in past years. I remember when I was a kid, we had a lot more snow, and it was deep. Or was it just because I was shorter, and it seemed deep?

So my countdown clock continues to count off the days to May 1st. That's the day I officially deem as the first day of the warm weather season, where I will be at a campground, setting up my camper and sipping on those frosty beverages next to the fire.

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