If you love to ski - downhill or cross-country, snowmobile, ice skate, or any number of outdoor activities during the winter months, this is your time. More power to you.

But for many of us (me included) it's our time of the year to hibernate inside and wait for the calendar to change to April and into the warm months. Ah, that cabin fever is settling in, and we don't like it.

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But of course, there are things to do during the first few months of the year for both those who love winter and those who don't. A nice getaway is the ticket if you can take time off for a week or maybe just a weekend.

I asked a question recently - What do you do to get you through the winter months? Something that is fun or just keeps you from that 'cabin fever?' Sure, it was to give me some ideas for something to do, but at the same time, maybe you would find something interesting as well.

I received some interesting responses. Some I would have never imagined. For example, Rusty R. mentioned "Coyote hunting",  Jerrie B. says "Work on my Shutterfly books", and Mark F. states "Drink, drink and drink, lol." Mary C. adds "Alcohol helps!"

Cat P. said, "It was Maine-Endwell football but since the season ended we’ve just had fond memories of #22" and Ken H. replies "Nothing…just work." Well, that's no fun.

Check out some other responses below for things people in the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania do to get through the winter months. If you do something interesting and fun not on the list, let me know as well.

What Do You Do To Get Through The Winter Months?

What Do You Do To Get Through The Winter Months?

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