This past weekend was a break from what we usually experience in Wintertime. Depending on where you live, we saw temps hover in the 50s or better.

We all need days like that from time to time to get us out of our Winter doldrums. Unfortunately, we usually get punished for it. And that punishment came 2 days later in the form of not only snow, but freezing rain, sleet, and ice.

Whatever relief we enjoyed over the weekend, has faded away quickly, and cabin fever is back. Of course, there are some of you who enjoy this time of year, loving to be outdoors to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, ice fishing, etc., and that's great, but not so much for me.

Yes, I love to be outdoors, but in warm weather time, at my campsite, next to my camper and fireplace with a refreshing cold beverage in hand.

The countdown clock on my desk is ticking down the days and hours. As of Tuesday, January 24th, I've got 96 days to wait for opening day.It's my favorite time of the year. What a great day that will be.

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