We have just scratched the surface of another long cold winter season, and these past few days have reminded us that most of us we'll be putting in a lot of indoor time.

Webster’s Dictionary defines 'cabin fever' as “an unhappy and impatient feeling that comes from being indoors for too long”.

I’ll go along with that, and I’m sure millions of 'shut in' Americans would agree as well.

Let's face it, winter in the Southern Tier just plain sucks., it was horrible last year with record breaking frigid cold temperatures.

So what can you do to alleviate the boredom and monotony that comes from cabin fever?

  • How about starting a project inside your home? It might be a good time to paint or border that room, and the basement might need cleaning up. Take stock of your home and I’m sure you’ll come up with a few projects to keep you engaged.
  • Many people have hobbies that help them stay sane during the -10 wind chill days and if you don’t have a hobby, it might be time to start one.
  • Others take a trip out of town in the winter. This might be the perfect time to go visit a family member, or a friend who lives in a warmer climate.
  • Have a party and invite a bunch of friends, you could even give it a warm weather theme.

So keep calm and remember warmth is on the way, in about 4 months!



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