Bachman-Turner Overdrive was a big influence on me during my college years. If I remember correctly, we played a lot of their music on the campus radio station.

And why not. They were hot in 1974, and we were playing the hits. Of course, back then many of the hits of the time, continue to be popular today. Can't say that too much with the "hits' these days, right?

November 9th, 1974, while the Fall winds were swirling around my hilltop campus, we were rockin' on that 10 watt radio station with the new number one song, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

That single was written by Randy Bachman, off the album 'Not Fragile.' It reached the number one position on the Canadian singles chart and number two in Britain. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet was the only Bachman-Turner Overdrive song to reach the number one slot on the US singles chart.

For this week's Classic Rock PIck, enjoy Randy Bachman and BTO belting out You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.