For some reason today (April 18), I have been bombarded with the news that Taco Bell is bringing back its Mexican Pizza by popular demand. And apparently, it's a permanent thing. I've never tried their pizza, so I can't vouch for it, but I guess many have?

It got me thinking about how much my wife and I enjoy Mexican food. We visit our local Mexican restaurants often. I remember back when we had a choice of only one Mexican restaurant in the Binghamton area. That restaurant was Delgados Cafe. Before that name, it was the El Cholo Restaurant. I really enjoyed their food. It was sad to see them close. The building is now occupied by Cacciatories, a great Italian Restaurant.

But things have changed over the years, and we now have several places to go to enjoy great Mexican food in the Triple Cities. From the complimentary chips and salsa to the delicious Margaritas, ( I prefer frozen strawberry) to the many different types of main dishes, you will enjoy your visit to our local Mexican restaurants.

I took a look at YELP! reviews to find all that is in our area (I found 9.) There are a couple on that list I have yet to visit. Take a look for yourself below, at what the Triple Cities have to offer for Mexican cuisine through the best-reviewed on YELP!

If I missed any local restaurants that offer Mexican cuisine, let me know on our Facebook page.

Triple Cities Mexican Restaurants

via YELP!, Google Maps

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