Well, I never knew a day would eventually be devoted to leaving work early, but here we are on June 2nd.

The National Day Calendar explains that it's really designed more for those who put in more than a 40 hour week. And I know there are many who do. Or maybe you are self-employed, so a 40 hour work week is a fantasy. Same goes for those who may hold down two or more jobs. Definitely can add up to more than a 40 hour work week.

So, is this even a reality for just one day to leave work early? I'm not so sure. If you are putting in more hours than a normal work week, it's probably for good reason. Those who are self-employed can't just drop what they are doing and walk away.

And if you work for an employer, how will that conversation go? "Hi boss, it's June 2nd, and it's national leave work early day today, so can I skip out a few hours early." I'm guessing the response would be "Sure, and tomorrow you can have the whole day off and every day after that." Am I right? I suppose I can't blame them. Especially if it's good for one employee, it's good for all, and that wouldn't go over too well with the workplace.

But, let's just go on the assumption that you can leave work early today. How would you use that time? If it's a nice weather day, maybe head to a park, mark off your six foot area and just relax. It would be a great time to get rid of that  workday stress. Or just do something that makes you happy. For me, it's would be taking a trip to the campground and spend a few hours at my campsite. Maybe even spend the night and head home on the morning to get ready for work. Now that sounds like a plan.

via National Day Calendar

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