If you could get paid the same amount and only work four days a week would you do it? I know, it's a stupid question. Of course you would. There's nothing like a three day weekend that puts everyone in a great mood. It's like a mini-vacation. When you come back to work after three days off, you're usually well-rested and more energized.

According to The New York Times, there's a company in New Zealand that conducted an experiment in which their employees worked four days a week while being paid for five. The company is called Perpetual Guardian, and they manage trusts, estates, and wills. They found that the experiment actually boosted productivity, and they said their employees were happier because they spent more time with their families and spent more time enjoying leisure activities. For this experiment, they reduced their employees work week from 40 hours to 32 hours. The experiment was so successful they are contemplating making it permanent.

I know there are a bunch of companies, even some here in the Binghamton Area, that have already implemented a four day work week. Employees work 10-hours a day Monday through Thursday, and they have Friday Saturday and Sunday off. How awesome would that be to have three days off every week? I'm sure there are people out there would prefer working just 8 hours a day so they can get out and spend time with their families, or maybe to attend their child's sporting events or dance recitals, but maybe those hours would be flexible so you could just start earlier in the morning and get out earlier. That way you won't miss Johnny's Little League game.
I would be all for working four days a week. as long as it didn't affect my salary. And if I had my choice, it will become Freezone in the Morning, Tuesday through Friday on 99.1 The Whale. What do you think?

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