Little known fact, originally when I was going to college, my first degree was an associates in science (AS), with a focus on environmental studies. This was, of course, before I discovered my love for radio and communications.

This is so cool! I like to think that if you're going to look into alternative or "green" energy, you focus on what is available in your area. For example: if you live in Arizona or Nevada, would you try to get your home's energy through hydroelectric (water) power? No... you'd want to go solar to get the best bang for your buck. Well, up here in Upstate New York, what should we use as an alternative energy source? That's right, wind or water! Check out this wind turbine by a French company called NewWind, named the Tree Vent. It looks like a piece of modern art, but is capable of producing enough energy to heat a home of four people!

According to IFLScience:

The trees are 11 meters (36 ft) tall, and 8 meters (26 ft) in diameter at its widest point, which makes it about the same height as many urban trees. The white frame of the tree is made out of steel, and it can hold 72 turbines that sit vertically. This orientation cancels out noise, allowing the turbine to spin silently. Wind turbines are typically very tall in order to reach the altitude where the wind is stronger, but these vertical turbines are able to spin with wind blowing as low as 7 km/h (4.4 mph), making this twice as sensitive as traditional turbines. However, they are durable enough to withstand Category 3 winds, which can reach 178 - 208 km/h (111-129 mph). "

Though they're not currently available through mass production, they're hoping to hit markets soon, and I'd love to be the first to sign up! Only thing now is... who's an electrician that would like to help me hook it up?

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images

[via IFLScience]