The National Weather Service is taking the words “chance for a brief tornado” out of its Hazardous Weather Outlook for October 13 but is still cautioning that high gusty winds and rain could cause some problems. 

An earlier statement by NOAA late in the afternoon of October 12 did mention "a low chance for a brief tornado."

Residents should make sure things like garbage cans, recycle bins and other loose objects are secure. People who have Halloween decorations, especially those inflatables, may want to double-check how securely they are tethered and deflate the blow-up displays as winds could be steady at over 15 miles per hour and gust as high as 31 miles per hour Thursday, October 13.  

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

The National Weather Service Binghamton Office says a strong cold front pushing through is responsible for the unsettled weather and it will bring rain and colder temperatures into the Twin Tiers and Central New York. 

Heavy rain associated with the system lead to localized flooding.  A lot of the potential for flooding depends on how hard and fast the rain comes down. 

In the early morning projections, NOAA forecasters were calling for up to one inch of rain during the day and another one-half to three-quarters of an inch on Thursday night before the system moves out and clearing conditions move in. 

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The areas where there is the most potential for flooding will be low-lying spots, where there is poor drainage and other locations where urban flooding normally occurs like the underpasses.  With leaves changing and starting to come down, the high winds could bring down even more of that debris and that could quickly clog storm drains, resulting in even more ponding of water across roadways and other localized flooding issues.  People who live or work near storm drains are encouraged to keep an eye out for debris across the grates and to clear the drains if they can. 

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