I can tell by the lack of vehicles in the State Street parking lot when I pulled in this morning to begin another day at work, that the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here.

A lot of college students park in the ramp, so I wondered if some have decided to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday. As you know, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has put a limit of ten persons in any household to help prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, and suggesting that only immediate family members gather for the holiday.

It's certainly caused a lot of reaction both for and against, including the Sheriffs Association of New York questioning the ten person order. The association doesn't take a stand on what the maximum number of persons should be, but that it would be difficult to enforce given many reasons why there may be more than ten persons in a home.

I can understand that, plus the fact that there are only so many officers on duty at one time, and canvasing homes in a county enforcing the ten person limit would be an impossible task.

I have the feeling that there will be many people taking a chance and heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. For good or bad, people are going to do what they want to do. I can only hope that people will do their best to practice save measures while visiting.

Normally, I visit my sister-in-Law for Thanksgiving, but will not be doing that this year. I haven't gone home to Western New York for Thanksgiving to visit my mom and siblings in a long time in favor of a Christmas visit, but I am concerned for that day. Since I left home in the late 1970s to be on my own, I have been back to celebrate with my family every year.

That's over 40 years without missing a Christmas with my family. Could 2020 break that record? My mom is in her 80s, and I want her to be safe, so I think the possibility of not visiting is becoming more real. And that just sucks.

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