Conference calls are usually a necessity to keep the lines of communication open within a company. Especially if that company has many different locations in different cities. My previous job had me on conference calls at least twice a month and sometimes twice a week. During that time I would listen to what was being said on the conference call, but I would also be doing other things behind the closed door of my office. I would be cleaning my desk or filing papers or returning emails that I didn't get to. I never once thought about doing some gambling. Maybe I should have.

I found a story on where an unnamed woman won nearly $288,000 playing online slots during a company conference call. I'm sure she's asking to remain anonymous so she doesn't lose her job. The article said the woman is from the southern New Jersey town of Mantua. said she had the winning spin on a $2 bet.

I'm sure whatever her bosses were talking about at the time we're not as exciting as winning almost $300,000. I get excited when I win $20 on a free spin or I get a push on the blackjack table. I know what I will be doing during my next mandatory conference call.

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