Father’s day is this Sunday. Do you already know what you are getting dad?

Mother’s day is pretty easy. You get some flowers, maybe some jewelry and you are golden. Father’s day is a little tougher.

My suggestion would be to think about what he likes to do in his spare time. If he likes to golf, take him golfing. Or if you don't golf, you can pay for a couple of rounds of golf so he can take a friend. If he’s into fishing, go fishing with him for the day or get him a gift certificate to a sporting goods store like Dick’s, Mayhood’s Sporting Goods or Gander Mountain.

You can always take dad out to eat. This is the one thing that fits both Mother’s and Father’s day. Whether it’s brunch, or dinner, I’m sure he would love it. If your dad likes to grill, you can always get some food, cook it for him with him guiding you, and make sure you have his favorite beer on ice.

If your dad is into sports, you can take him to a Rumble Ponies game. They are in town this weekend. Or an article of clothing from his favorite sports team would be a hit as well.

If your dad is into muscle cars, there are a few car shows this weekend that you can take him to.

Dads aren’t that hard to shop for if you know what they like.

Beer or a bottle of his favorite alcohol would be good too. Much better than a stupid tie.

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