This weekend is Father's Day Weekend. It's probably the toughest holiday (is it considered a holiday?) to find a gift for dad. What do you get someone who has everything or is very picky or a combination of both? I guess that's where you need to be creative.

Definitely not as easy as getting something for my mom on Mother's Day. She prefers lottery scratch off tickets and the gift of all her kids coming home to visit. We make sure to make that happen every year.

We did the same for our dad as well, minus the scratch off tickets. I don't think he was into that kind of thing. A bottle of the finest whiskey would be the ticket instead. Father's Day June 2000 was the last time I saw my dad. He passed away a couple weeks later.

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I don't know about those of you who's father is no longer alive,  but for me, Father's Day  seems kind of an awkward day. Everywhere you turn, you are hearing about father's Day, what to get him, where to take him to dinner, etc.

It might not be quite as weird for me if I had kids, but I don't. Nothing against being a parent, but I don't think I would have made a good dad. I'm too irresponsible as it is, and my kids would probably have turned out the same way or worse.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all the Whale Nation Dads and don't forget, this Saturday and Sunday we are honoring Father's Day with our annual Founding Fathers of Classic Rock weekend. At the top of the hour throughout the weekend, we'll play songs from male artists and bands who helped shape the world of Rock-n-Roll.

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