Before Airbnb options were around, my wife and I would occasionally take Bed and Breakfast vacations. Most of them were in the United Kingdom - England, Wales, and Scotland.

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During our planning process, we would look for interesting and out-of-the-ordinary buildings to stay. Castles that were converted to a Bed & Breakfast experience of course were our favorite places.

Recently, I did a search of Airbnb places that are buildings a bit out of the ordinary just to see what's available around the United States, and more particularly in New York State.

Well, I was not disappointed. I found several that looked like fun places for a weekend or a vacation. One that really caught my eye, is an Airbnb that is located in Willow New York, which is just a bit over a 2-hour drive east from Binghamton, not far from Woodstock, New York.

It's called the Willow Treehouse, and while it's not actually attached to a tree, it looks like a treehouse, with a lot of amazing features you don't see in a treehouse featuring one bedroom, kitchen area, and one bathroom.

And for those who really want to disconnect for a weekend or vacation, there is no wi-fi or cell phone service. Take a look at the cool photos of this interesting and out-of-the-ordinary Airbnb.

Willow Tree House Airbnb

Willow Tree House Airbnb

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