Why do I have such a hard time looking for that perfect holiday gift? Am I just trying too hard? Avoiding the types of gifts I have purchased in the past narrows down my choices.

I try to find out-of-the-ordinary gifts for people on my holiday gift list, and that the item is something the person could use, rather than just an "Oh that's cute, now what am I going to do with this?" thought that is only heard in the mind of the receiver, but not relayed to the giver.

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Well, some may think I'm being lazy, but I am a believer in gift cards. I would be happy if that were the only thing I received for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. That way, I can purchase what I want or need. Well okay, mostly what I want.

Sure, you will obviously end up knowing what the giver spent on the gift card, but who cares. I certainly don't. A gift is a gift, no matter how large or small. Isn't that a saying somewhere? Maybe not.

Anyway, I asked a question on social media - "What, if any, gift card do you really want for Christmas? Something you could really use?" I thank you for the many answers. And to be honest, it has given me some ideas for gift card giving this holiday season, so a win-win for me!

Here are some of your responses:

Holiday Gift Card You Really Want

Holiday Gift Card You Really Want

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