Father's Day is this Sunday (June 21st.) Yep, just one look at the calendar, and I suddenly become an expert. Well, at least I can be an expert at something, right?

For me, unlike Mother's Day, I always struggled with what to get dad for Father's Day. It was easier when I was a kid. I could just make him something simple, or when I was taking wood shop in high school, I could build something for him.

One year, I built a coffee table and two end tables. I was really proud of those tables. They lasted for a long time, even after they took a beating or two from my younger siblings. Not sure why they thought these tables were built to be sat, stood or danced on.

My dad served in the army as an MP (Military Police) at Fort Hood, Texas in the mid 1950s. That's where I was born. He and I talked a few times about taking a trip to the base to show me where he served and I came into this world, but it's so far away and we never did make plans to go.

I did get to take him to the happiest place on earth. That surprised me since in his later years, my dad was not keen on travelling far from home. We started the trip by attending a Johnny Cash concert in Binghamton. He was a big fan of 'The Man in Black.' The trip to Disney World was great. I think I had more fun watching him enjoying something he had never experienced before.

Dads are not into flashy stuff, at least not my dad. He wasn't into scratch off lottery cards like my mom is. He did like movies and documentaries about World War II, so I bought him a few of those. I remember going to the theater to watch  'Patton.' We both loved that movie. Great father and son bonding. And he really enjoyed the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' that I got him for Father's Day.

Probably the most appreciated gift, was a bottle of his favorite kind of whiskey. Maybe I'll buy a bottle this year and toast to him. Dad passed away twenty years ago, June 25th, 2000, just a few days after Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

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