Remember when we were kids and we would start a new grade in September? We always had to write a report of what we did on our summer vacation. This is kind of like that, but it's what I did on my Memorial Day Weekend.I had a blast. It was a pretty busy weekend, but it was all fun, so it was all good.

It started Friday night. My wife and I went out to Tioga Downs to see Artimus Pyle and his tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was an awesome show. They opened with one of my favorite deep cuts, Working For MCA. They played most of the hits including, That Smell, Sweet Home Alabama, The Ballad Of Curtis Loew, Simple Man and they ended the 7:00 show with Freebird. Artimus was great and his band was very talented and very tight.

artimus 1


After the concert, we met up with a few friends and enjoyed the comedians in Virgil's.

Saturday I worked, then did some yard work, and then we went to the Rumble Ponies game. We had some great food, a few brews, and Binghamton won so it was all good.

Sunday my wife and I went to church and then went out for breakfast and then went back home and took a nap. When we woke up, we did more yard work and then headed off to our friends Mike and Michelle's house for a cookout and a bonfire.

Monday I worked, then flew to the Memorial Day Parade in Endicott. After the parade we stuck around for the ceremony at the Veteran's Memorial across from the high school. It was raining a little, but it was still a nice memorial for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberty and freedom.

Later in the afternoon when the sun came out, we headed to Conklin to make up a night of golf league that we missed earlier in the month. When we arrived at the golf course, the clouds arrived as well. The rain held off and my wife and I got our round in. After we were done with that, we made our way home where my stepson Ian had made us a spaghetti and meatball dinner.

I had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend, and I hope you did too.

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