The Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. The weekend marks many things to many people, including the unofficial beginning of the summer season.

For The Whale, it's the weekend that we air our annual Classic Rock 500, counting down the best 500 Classic rock songs. It's a lot of fun to listen to and we hope you will tune in to find out where your favorite song lands.

For me, May 31st marks my work anniversary. This year will be my 39th anniversary. If you told me back in 1982 when I walked through the doors of The Whale for the first time, that I'd still be here in 2021, I'd probably laugh at you. Not many radio personalities stay that long at one radio station. But here I am. And still loving it.

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But, the most important reason for the Memorial Day weekend is to remember and honor those who served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice. Anyone who knows someone or is related to someone who lost their life defending our country and our freedom, will understand it fully. I lost an uncle in the Vietnam War. He will always be my hero.

Honor our fallen heroes however you can. For example,  attend a local Memorial Day parade. While not all Memorial Day parades will return this year, there are a few that you will be able to attend in the Southern Tier of New York, including:

Southern Tier Events Where You Can Observe Memorial Day

If you know of any other Memorial Day Parades for 2021 in the Southern Tier of New York or In Bradford, Susquehanna or Wayne Counties in Northeast Pennsylvania, let us know.

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