And just like that, out Memorial Day Weekend is over. Seems like we worked so hard to get to the end of workday Friday, and then how quickly Tuesday morning hit us square in the you know what.

Well, the main reason for Memorial Day is to honor our fallen heroes. Those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free and safe. I hope you took some time that past weekend to honor and remember those heroes.

And I hope you enjoyed our annual Memorial Day Classic Rock 500. We had fun counting down all those great tunes, and congrats to our new number 1 song - 'I Love Rock-n-Roll' from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It's first time that song has topped the Classic Rock 500. What perfect title to be the number one osne. In case you missed it, Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen came in second.

And I hope you will forgive me for jinxing the weather over the Memorial Day Weekend. In one of my earlier articles, I mentioned how several of my family reunions in the 70s and 80s would end up with rain and temperatures hovering in the low 50s at best.

So what did we get this weekend, except for Monday? continual rain from Friday midday through Monday morning. And with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. I for one, was not a happy camper.

Sure, I was at camp, but pretty much stuck inside my travel trailer the entire weekend. I was so mad, that come Monday morning when the sun finally did come out and temperatures got into the 50s by 9am, I packed up and went home.

I had planned on a couple cookouts over the weekend, but that got washed out. Not once could I spend any time outside except for a short visit to some friends for a washed out chicken barbeque. I lasted about as long as it took to eat, and then it was back to my camper to warm up.

Well, the upside is, summer is now here and hopefully we will have a sunny and warm season to make up for a crappy winter and a cold, wet Memorial Day holiday.

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