My wife and I set out in search of a live Christmas tree Friday afternoon. The windchill at one point Friday morning made it feel like 8 degrees. It was a little windy while we're out looking for a tree so I was hoping we would find one quickly, cut it down, and get back to the nice warm house. We probably searched for all of 20 minutes when we found a tree we could both agree on. It was a blue spruce. We cut it down, had it bundled, thrown in the back of my SUV, and before I knew it, we were on our way home. When we got home we realized we didn't trim up enough branches at the tree farm so we had to cut some more of the bottom branches off.

Once we placed the tree in the tree stand, we realize the trunk of the tree is actually crooked. The tree is standing straight, but it looks like it is leaning forward. I put the two strands of lights on the tree and we loaded up with all the ornaments. Tree one of three was finished.Here are some before and after photos.

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