Over 60% of women will drop hints about what they want for Valentines day, it's less than three weeks away, gentlemen are you paying attention?

Valentines day is the second biggest day for greeting cards, (Christmas is number one) February 14th is a big day for Florists, Jewelers, restaurants and other retail businesses, that should give you a hint of what your lady might want.

Some of the best gift ideas take some thought and a little creativity, so take a minute and think about how you can make their day special.

Valentines Day is on a Sunday this year so breakfast in bed is a nice way to start, and make enough for two and enjoy it with her.

There are all kind of great gift ideas on the internet anything from custom accessories, desserts, jewelry, a special day with a dinner at home or out.

If you're thinking sexy undergarments, I strongly suggest you check with her first, most women do not want their man picking out bras and panties for them.

I read another article that quoted a recent survey that said 90% of men will receive a gift from their significant other., so guys feel free to drop a few hints yourself.

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