Father's Day is this Sunday (June 21), and dads are notoriously hard to buy for. I have always struggled what to get for my dad and now that I'm married and picking out gifts for our son to give my husband, I've got double the gifts to figure out.

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If you're starting to panic because dad's day is literally this Sunday and you have no idea what to get dad, take a look at five pretty awesome gifts that I found on Amazon.

Each of these gifts costs less than $50 and if you've got Amazon Prime and place your order by this evening, you'll have your gift in your hands in time to give it to dad on Sunday.

  • A Pick Punch

    Whether your dad is a guitar guy, a music lover, or is obsessed with having a collection of things that are unique, you'll want to check out the Pick Punch. It's basically a stapler, but it punches guitar picks out of anything made of plastic, like a credit card and costs less than $30.

  • The Daddle Saddle

    Dad's back might not love this, but the kids will go crazy for it and will want to spend tons of time with dad. The Daddle is a saddle that dad wears so the kids can ride him like a horse without falling off.  You can get it on Amazon.com for under $50.

  • "Star Wars" Ice Cubes

    If dad is a huge Star Wars junkie, he'll fall in love with these ice cube trays that make exact replicas of Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite. Each tray is less than $11.

  • An iPad Paintbrush

    If dad is an artist or addicted to "Draw Something," this will be perfect for him. Amazon has an incredible electronics pen set which costs less than $15.

  • A Branding Iron for the Grill

    This is totally the kind of thing dads love. It's basically what ranchers use to brand cattle, but it's for burgers and steaks and costs less than $20. See what I'm talking about, here.

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