I used to think when people used the excuse that they forgot all about Valentine's Day because they were just being lazy until it nearly happened to me. I *almost* found myself in the "I forgot" situation this year. Being in trouble with your love isn't a place any of us want to be and thanks to E! News and their last-minute gift ideas, you and I won't have to go to that scary place this year.

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    I mean, this is kind of a lazy gift, but we can all agree that it's better than not giving anything at all. If you're planning to order flowers for delivery, you need to brace yourself because the flowers aren't going to be cheap. Not by a longshot.

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    Chocolates are pretty much on the same level as flowers unless the person you're giving them to is obsessed with chocolate. Instead of just handing over a heart-shaped box of chocolate, make it look like you at least put some effort into your gift and also grab a sweet card. Oh, and make sure to write a note and make it heartfelt.

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    I know, but wait!  You probably saw the word "jewelry" and about had a mini panic attack, but you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry. You can get some decent jewelry at local jewelry stores for under $50 and they'll even wrap it up for you. It's true!

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    It's been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think most women would agree.

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    Music Mix USB

    If you and your Valentine love music and are always singing together, put a bunch of love songs on a USB and when you give it to your love, tell them how each song reminds you of something special about them.

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    Gift Card

    Yeah, this is a lazy gift but will do the trick in a pinch and the good news is that most gas stations and drug stores sell gift cards. Just make sure that the gift card you buy is for a place your love will actually go to. Don't forget to step the gift up a notch by putting it in a nice card.

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