I just can't get enough of pizza. Last week, I had lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen in a long time. While we both pored over the large menu, neither of us could make a decision on what we wanted for lunch.

I then blurted out, how about we share a pizza? That was a quick yes. How can you go wrong with a delicious, hot pizza? Well, you can't. The only debate is what kind of toppings to put on your pizza, We actually decided to pass on any, and that was fine.

Now, there is a debate on what kind of pizza is the favorite. It's certainly a personal thing. But in the Binghamton area, we not only have a choice of the traditional round, New York Style Pizza, but we have several pizzerias that serve square pizzas.

And those who favor the square pizza swear by them that they are the best type of pizza. While I do enjoy them, I have to admit, I favor the round New York Style pizza, with the square pizza being my second followed by Sicilian pizza.

Because we have a type of pizza not found in many communities around the country, that's why I have mentioned in the past that One Bite's Dave Portnoy should come to visit and try them out.

He has come close. Over the summer Dave Portnoy visited a few pizzerias in Syracuse and Utica. One, in particular, is O'scugnizzo Pizzeria in Utica. I have no idea how to pronounce that name.

What's interesting about this pizzeria is that in 2015, O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria was declared the 2nd oldest Pizzeria in the country, according to their website. And this is not your typical pizza. They call it an upside-down pizza because the sauce is on the top.

It's an interesting idea, and something I'd certainly try. Maybe you have? Check out Dave Portnoy's review. And please Dave, come to Binghamton!

[via One Bite, O'scugnizzo Pizzeria]

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