Whenever someone brings up the topic of pizza, my ears perk up. Not much else gets my interest as much. Okay, maybe mention mobile Dj equipment or camping-related stuff and I'm there, but when it comes to affairs of my taste buds and my stomach (long may it live), pizza is the number one topic.

I know that I sometimes live in a bubble and am not aware of many things in this world, but to not be aware of a person who rates pizza around the country and not know who he is, is an embarrassment, and I'm very sorry.

A co-worker made me aware of  Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy, who is the founder of the Barstool Sports website. He is an internet celebrity and blogger, and also has an internet show called 'One Bite', where he reviews pizza from around the country.

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He started reviewing pizza parlors in Manhattan but has since traveled the country rating pizza on a 0 to 10 scale, with 10 being the best. I searched for the number of places he gave a '10' and found one on his own and five with celebrities, so for a pizza to be a '10', it's got to be very special.

That's a job I think I'd like to have. Get free pizza, rate it, and get rich. Sounds like a plan that will never come my way. But Dave Portnoy has made it a success, and he's reviewed pizza with many celebrities during his travels.

I think it would be cool for Dave to get out of the Big Apple, and visit Binghamton to try some of our many great places that serve a mean pizza and rate them on 'One Bite.' 

We saw that Nik Rivers wrote an article about places out in Western New York Dave should visit, so we decided we would follow suit, and suggest some places right here in the Southern Tier that should get reviewed!

While there are a ton of places to get a good pizza in the Southern Tier, here are 11 I think Dave should visit if ever he finds his way into our neck of the woods.

[via Barstool SportsOne Bite, H/T to Nik Rivers WBUF]

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