Pizza. It's my favorite food. And I'm sure the same for many others as well. I understand there are very few calories in a slice of pizza. Okay, that's a bold lie. If only that were true, right?

I am picky when it comes to types of pizza. Thin crust, New York Style pizza is my favorite. But not all places make it correctly. I've endured what looked and tasted like sauce and cheese lightly dropped onto a piece of cardboard. Fortunately, we have a lot of great places in the Southern Tier that know how to make a great New York Style pizza, plus other types of pizzas as well.

But what about businesses that make and sell pizza that are not dedicated pizza restaurants, like gas stations and convenience stores for example? You might think that those pizzas would not be great. But as I found out that's not the case.

I posed a question recently, asking "What Southern Tier NY/Northeastern PA gas station/convenience stores if any,  make a delicious pizza in your opinion?" Again, you didn't disappoint. Actually more people responded with positive reviews than I thought I'd see.

Some of the responses for a good gas station/convenience store pizza include:

  • Byrne Dairies in Endicott and Endwell - Brad B. mentions "The new Byrne dairy stores do ok, I have heard positive things."
  • Reliable in Conklin gets a vote from Kim M. and several thumbs up from others.
  • Pilot Flying J in New Milford - Sarah C. says "The crust is 'twisted' and garlic butter on it! YUMMMM!"
  • Katy V. gives a thumbs up for great pizza at the Smithville General Store.
  • Smiley Food Mart in Maine says Joan J. - "The best pizza and breakfast sandwiches."
  • Kwik Fill in Apalachin, Port Crane, and Marie S. comments - "Apalachin Kwik Fill Katrina makes a killer pizza!"

But there were a few gas stations/convenience stores that received many mentions including the following:

Best Local Gas Station Pizza

Best Local Gas Station Pizza

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