When TV sitcoms end their run, that's usually it. But sometimes they return for some reason. Obviously the main reason is to make more money on a once popular show.

Recently we have heard of four shows that will be, or may be returning. They are 'Will & Grace', 'Roseanne' The Office' and 'Mad About You.'

I think it's a tall order to try to re-create a one popular series and make it as relevant and popular as it once was. Although, I do have my hopes up for a couple.

I do plan on watching 'Roseanne' when it returns in 2018. It was once of my favorite TV shows when it aired, with the exception of the last season. That season had the family supposedly winning the lottery and becoming rich, only to find out in the end it was just made up by Roseanne. To make matters worse, it was revealed that Dan had died. That sucked.Now, in the reboot, Dan is alive! Hopefully, ABC is just ignoring that final season plot.

If 'The Office' does come back, I will definately be excited. It's one of my favorite sitcoms, and yes I realize several of the original cast will not be in it, but hopefully if this happens, I will give it a try and hope it turns out to be a quality comedy.

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