Lately I've been finding myself binge-watching shows on Netflix like Schitt's Creek. As great as that is, there's only so many episodes to watch. Any other year I would be able to watch an NHL hockey game any night of the week, but this year there's been slim pickings on TV. I've been watching NFL Football on Monday's, Thursdays, and Sundays, and there was even a Tuesday night game too, which was fine by me.

Covid-19 forced a lot of network shows to shut down production before their season was even finished, causing them to run a bunch of reruns. Then a lot of the Network's switched to game shows, which some of them are pretty entertaining. I like watching the game shows To Tell the Truth, Celebrity Family Feud, and the Weakest link. There's been some new game shows too like The Wall and Don't which were pretty entertaining too.

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I'm not a big fan of Survivor, and I don't understand how anyone could get into The Bachelor, or The Bachelorette, or Love Island, Big Brother or any of that crap. No do I like any of the singing shows like The Masked Singer, I Can See Your Voice, The Voice, or even America's Got Talent.

After working all day here at the Whale, I like to unwind at night by watching a good comedy. I am stoked that shows like The Neighborhood, Young Sheldon, The Connors, Bob Hears Abishola, and Mom are set to return over the next few weeks.

What shows are you looking forward to watching new episodes of this fall?

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