When the NBC show Saturday Night Live debuted on Saturday, October 11th, 1975, I tuned in to watch what this new show was going to be about. George Carlin was the guest host. I was hooked from the very first show.

Many famous actors got their start on Saturday Night Live, going on to star in television series, movies, broadway plays, and stand-up comedy. The original cast is my favorite, although I have enjoyed the comedy and acting from many of the future cast members over the years the show has been on the air.

And one of those comedians is Chevy Chase. He was one of my favorite Saturday Night Live actors, and I'll never forget his famous phrase on the Weekend Update segment - "I'm Chevy Chase, and You're Not."

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Chevy Chase has appeared in dozens of movies and television shows in his acting career of over 40 years, including the movies 'Fletch', 'The Three Amigos', Caddyshack', 'Funny Farm', and the ever-popular 'Vacation' movies. He also starred in the television series 'Community' along with guest appearances in many other sitcoms.

I became a fan of all the 'Vacation' movies, but the 'Christmas Vacation' movie is probably my favorite, followed by the original 'Vacation' movie.

He continues to perform to this day and is now on tour with 'An Evening with Chevy Chase.' The show is coming to the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena on December 19th and will include a screening of the National Lampoon movie 'Christmas Vacation', followed by an on-stage conversation and question and answer session with Chevy Chase.

For more information, visit the Broome County Forum & Arena website.

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